New Opportunities, New Challenges:
New Energy Efficiency and Renewable Programs in Texas

ICLEI, EDF, Sierra Club, Public Citizen, Environment Texas sponsored the event in Janury 2011.

What can cities do to increase energy efficiency?

building solar panels

  • Pass a resolution in favor of net metering.
  • This promotes the use of efficiency and renewable energy such as solar and wind power, because net metering lets consumers sell energy back to the grid if they generate more than they use.

  • Require new homes to be Net Zero Energy homes by 2030.
  • A net-zero energy home supplies at a minimum an annual output of electricity that is equal to the amount of power purchased from the grid.

  • Adopt building codes that are 15% better than the state minimum, the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC.)
  • Frisco, Texas has adopted stronger building codes already, with great success. Their energy efficient homes sell readily and homeowners are happy to have lower utility bills.

  • Adopt Green Building standards.
  • This helps builders and realtors sell their homes or other buildings by providing a rating system for efficiency in terms of energy, water and waste. This rating can be used by buyers to qualify for low-interest mortgages and certain state and federal incentives and tax credits.


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Retrofit existing buildings to improve energy efficiency

Develop a retrofit program such as the one in place in Houston, Texas.

Sierra Club applauds the City of Edinburg for reaching Cool Cities status
July 20, 2008

By Steve Taylor
Rio Grande Guardian

Mark Pena
Mark Pena at the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

EDINBURG, July 19 – The Sierra Club has applauded the City of Edinburg for signing on to a national climate protection agreement and thus becoming the first Rio Grande Valley city to join the Cool Cities Campaign.

A Cool City, a national initiative sponsored by the Sierra Club, is one that has made a commitment to cut down on environmentally harmful emissions locally, and implement smart energy policies that save taxpayers dollars.

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